Vision Statement

crossWagon Hope Ministries offers Christian farm life to men who need to regroup from life’s challenges by providing a safe, nurturing environment to recognize, affirm and celebrate the gifts God gave them. Instruction in life skills, farm and animal care and spiritual partnering, coupled with temporary housing assists men through this transitional period to faith filled independent living.

Wagon Hope Ministries participants will:
Participate in the program(s) and farm offerings. This may include a variety of programs, opportunities/work assigned at the farm, spiritual counseling, and group meetings. Attendance at church or a recognized place of worship will be encouraged. (Samples of programs listed below.)

  •   Life coaching offerings based on biblical principles.
  •   Job training and preparation based on skills/ abilities and opportunities.
  •   Farm and animal care ranging from maintenance of barns to equine or other animal care such as grooming and feeding. Maintenance may include landscaping, general facility upkeep such as fencing, stall and stable repairs, pasture revitalizing, plantings and growing of sustainable food for healthy eating.